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5 Delicious Tea Time Corn Snacks

5 Delicious Tea Time Corn Snacks

5 Delicious Tea Time Corn Snacks

Corn Snacks
Let us speak food. And once it involves snacking, it higher be one thing attention-grabbing and quick! Here square measure the tea time snacks with corn which will solve all of your hunger problems promptly.

Corn Chaat Pinch of chat masala/ amchur ﴾mango powder﴿, one medium‐sized raw mango﴾peeled and grated﴿, one ½ teaspoon of juice, atiny low pinch of red hot pepper powder, salt as per style, one huge cup of canned corn kernels, one tomato ﴾finely chopped﴿, one onion ﴾diced﴿, few sprigs of cilantro, one tiny carrot ﴾cleaned and chopped﴿. Toss the ingredients well in an exceedingly bowl and from the newly‐found nirvana!
Corn Pakoda
In a bowl, add the coarsely ground corn, finely minced onions, inexperienced chilies, ginger, contemporary coriander leaves and salt and blend all the ingredients well. Sprinkle rice flour and corn flour over this mixture and blend well. form tiny spherical balls out of the mixture. Now, heat enough oil for deep cookery in an exceedingly significant bell-bottomed vessel on medium flame in an exceedingly pan. once oil is hot enough for cookery, drop tiny items of the corn mixture into the oil and fry them until they reach a golden shade. Drain them with a slotted ladle.
Cheese Popcorn
The ingredients you wish to arrange the snack – a pair of tsp oil, 0.5 cup pop corn kernels, a pair of tsp tasteless butter and 0.5 tsp salt. Heat a cooking pan with tight‐fitting lid over. Add oil, and once it\’s heated place popcorn kernels to the pan. Swirl pot over burner once or double till kernels begin to pop. currently pour thawed butter over popcorn and toss to coat. Sprinkle with cheese and salt and blend it well.

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