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Axact Fake Degrees Scandal- Hot Issue In PAKISTAN

Axact Fake Degrees Scandal- Hot Issue In PAKISTAN

889827-axactt-1432180797Axact Fake Degrees Scandal 

Hot Issue In PAKISTAN 

ISLAMABAD: Difficult  patch of Bol News Channel started before it even gets on air, as Pakistan’s most awaited news channel’s media team abovementoined they might leave if recent allegations on its main capitalist Axact tested true.

Vice President of Bol and far-famed journalist and TV reporter Iftikhar Ahmed said, “My team and that i will quit Bol if allegations will true.”

Similar statements came from President of Bol Tv channel Kamran that he can take but a moment to resign from the channel if contentions tested true.

On the opposite hand, FIA (The Federal Investigation Agency-PAKISTAN) team has recovered pretend degrees throughout their raid on Axact buildings that were signed by Secretary of State America John Kerry, several blank certificates, letter heads of american State ‘Marry Land’ and plenty of different fake documents are recovered from the offices of Rawalpindi and Karachi in Pakistan.

One of the officers of FIA told media that they’d received such reports against Axact Company six months past however didn’t take any action as a result of not one grievance was filed against them.

Involved persons can be have punish for a minimum of seven years of jail in line with Pakistan Electronic dealings Ordinance, he added.

Note that Axact is an Pakistani self-identified software companydiploma mill, and accreditation mill, in addition to being in the process of starting the BOL Network. Axact falsely describes itself as the “world’s leading IT company”

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