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Avoid Browsing History

Avoid Browsing History

When you want without saving browsing history then you choose Privacy mode or incognito browsing. Some browser available in the marketplace for internet user for using private browsing IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera are using private browsing. The method to use private browsing in FireFox click the menu icon ... Read More »

Play HD Video by Default on Facebook

Facebook is not a social media network but also a video streaming site. People are uploading and sharing video on Facebook. Facebook has become a big competitor of YouTube. On youtube.com you can search any video by keyword but Facebook has not such facility. YouTube offers different types of quality ... Read More »

How to unlock Android Password

How to unlock Android Password

The mobile phone is a personal item just like a wallet, so you should give it protection just like any personal thing. So everybody wants to save mobile from other person. For this purpose we use password. Of course there are many benefits of lock screen of Android mobile, if ... Read More »

Sweat Gauges? Tiny Sensors Use Perspiration to tune health

Imagine if taking a snapshot of your health were as easy as slapping a sticker on your skin. A new study finds that a tiny adhesive sensor can read what’s going on in your body based on your sweat, and relay information about your health wirelessly to a smartphone. This ... Read More »

Now Facebook Messenger and News Feed will be used for Gaming like Pac-Man

Facebook needs you playing video games pretty much everywhere, and nowadays the enterprise is introducing a new initiative referred to as fb instantaneous games that it hopes will do simply that. Immediately video games is an HTML5 gaming platform that we could fb customers play games on Messenger and within ... Read More »

Images of Facebook and LinkedIn are using for hacking with the help of Malware

Malware doesn’t constantly have to attack your computer through browser- or OS-primarily based exploits. Now and again, it’s the social networks themselves that may be the trouble. Researchers at test point have found that a variation of known ransom ware, Locky, is taking advantage of flaws within the manner fb ... Read More »

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