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Razer’s three-screen laptop | New Gaming Technology

Razer’s three-screen laptop | New Gaming Technology

three screen laptop

The Razer Project Valerie model may be a portable computer with not one, not two, however 3 17-inch displays. It will run battlefield one at 12K resolution with utterly swish frame rates. There’s no worth or unleash date, as this is often aloof from turning into a true product, however if Razer finds enough demand from users, the corporate guarantees to make this crazy concoction for real.

CES could be a place wherever technical school firms will throw out their wildest ideas and see what sticks. that usually ends up in vaporware, however typically the interloper things may be fun.

Case in point: Project Valerie, a brand new thought laptop computer from recreation hardware company Razer has 3 intrinsic screens. 3 screens!

They aren’t low-cost screens, either: every ar Brobdingnagian 17-inch panels, loaded up with to a fault sharp 4K resolutions and Nvidia’s G-Sync technical school for electric sander frame rates whereas recreation.

Razer has no current plans to create this on the market to the general public, and it does not shrewdness a lot of the device would price if it ever did move on the far side the thought stage, thus any point out specs could be a bit beside the purpose.

But for what it’s showing off in metropolis on, Razer has changed the already-powerful Razer Blade professional — what with its mechanical keyboard, and top-of-the-line GeForce GTX one080 graphics card — created it heavier (around twelve pounds) and doubly as thick (about 1.5 inches), and inbuilt a mechanism that permits you to slide out and snap back the 2 further displays from behind the central one.

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