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The World’s Top 5 Most Expensive Cell Phones
Top 5 most expensive mobile phone

The World’s Top 5 Most Expensive Cell Phones

Top 5 most expensive mobile phone

Top 5 most expensive mobile phone

1. iPhone 4 32GB | Diamond Rose

                The world’s most costly iPhone up to now is that the 32 GB iPhone four Diamond Rose by Stuart Hughes. With a value of regarding $8 million the phone’s edge is created of rose and just about five hundred individual perfect diamonds that total over 100ct. The back side is also rose gold and features the Apple logo all decked out with 53 Diamond-Rose-iPhone   additional diamonds, in the front button of the navigation is platinum with single cut 7.4ct pink that is interchangeable or rare 8ct perfect diamonds within the center.

2  Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

In the world the 2nd most luxurious mobile phone, which is a variant of the iPhone from Apple, the 3G 32GB Supreme iPhone is priced at $ 3.20 Million. The iPhone 3GS Supreme preferences a casing made up of 271 gr2 Supreme-Goldstriker-iPhoneams of solid 22k gold and a screen cut with 53 1-carat diamonds. Home button is roofed with single rare 7.1-carat diamond. That’s not all, though—the iPhone 3GS Supreme comes in a very chest inscribed from one block of granite and sports Kashmir gold and an interior lining made with nubuck top-grain animal skin.

3.   iPhone 3G King’s Button

Globally the third most expensive mobile phone is still occupied by a variant of the iPhone. The famous jeweler from European nation Peter Aloisson (From Austria) is that the creator of this phone. 138 diamonds area unit put in on this phone that creates it value $2.4 Million. The gorgeous white diamond of vi.6 carats is th3. iPhone 3G King’s Buttone house screen button which boosts the sweetness of this phone

4.  Le Million Goldvish

Goldvish “Le Million” is designed by well-known designer Emmanuel Gueit, who designed lots of expensive watches and jewelry. The Goldvish “Le Million” is most luxurious and expensive cell phone. A Le Million was launched in Switzerland. This mobile phone awarded with Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive cell phones 4. GoldVish Le Millionsold in September 2006 in the Millionaire Fair in Cannes, France. Price of Goldvish “Le Million” phone is $1.3 Million; this designer phone is be jewelled with 18k white gold and 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds.

5.   Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond Crypto Smartphone created for Windows CE. Diamond Crypto Smartphone smart phone was considered by luxury accessories maker Peter Aloisson. This distinctive object Diamond State art is priced at a crisp $1.3 Million and is labeled because the costliest within the world. This one features a canopy adorned with 53 diamonds, 5. Diamond Crypto Smartphoneten of that area unit the rare blue ones. except for this, it additionally options s few sections created in rose gold further. It additionally provides protection against seizure and technological blackmail.

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